IRS Tax Representation Services

Audits can happen to any taxpayer. Should the IRS send you a tax audit letter, bring it to us. We can help, whether it’s simply submitting missing tax documents or representing you in front of an IRS examiner.

IRS Audit can be a frightening experience. We assist you in comprehending the requirements of the IRS and we get you fully ready to deal with an audit

Here's how we assist you in getting ready for the audit:

If you wish, you may hire an experienced agent to act as your representative in the audit proceedings with the IRS.

Regardless of your financial situation, you deserve representation in an audit with the IRS. We help our clients during the audit, while making an appeal and in disputes with regard to the collection of taxes or correcting any issues.

Our team has extensive experience representing both individual and business clients in front of the IRS. We can provide you the protection you need and require.

The IRS has their team of Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents, and Special Agents highly trained in all aspects of Internal Revenue Code.You should have your own team of highly trained experts to represent you.

Without proper representation, you could end up paying more than you have to. In extreme cases you could be subject to criminal charges.

Before the IRS performs their audit of your records, we will perform our preliminary in-house audit in order to anticipate problems that the IRS mayfind. We will thendevelop strategies to mitigate and contain them.

All new clients will receive a free overview of their prior year's returns. All information exchanged will be kept strictly confidential.

Whether you are an individual, corporation, partnership, or a non-profit organization, we can provide you with the tax representation services needed to resolve your IRS tax dispute. Contact us at  (586) 365-2327.

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